About the Berry Companies

The Berry Companies are a family of businesses led by founder and C.E.O. Joe Berry along with his senior leadership team. Collectively, the Berry Companies are a leading employer in the Mount Washington Valley. We provide our team members with rewarding careers and our customers with valuable experiences.

Read along to learn about the Berry Companies’ history and purpose. We own and manage housing and lodging for the Mt. Washington Valley, including homes, condominiums, apartments, hotel rooms, suites, and vacation rentals. It also boasts a robust vacation ownership program that has been a leader in that industry since its inception.

Our Mission

To provide exceptional vacation experiences, and picturesque and unique properties in the Mt. Washington Valley. As a family-owned business, we enrich the lives of our team members and customers while building a strong community.

Our Vision

Making our team members the number one priority and empowering them to create a world-class experience at our properties, we are renowned as the top place to work and stay in the MWV. We achieve our goals through a community-oriented culture.

Our Values

about the berry companies values

Our History

Like many entrepreneurs, founder Joe Berry started small: driving a station wagon full of used skis to Vermont to rent to his classmates at UVM. He moved to Boston in 1971. There, he and his friends pooled their savings and converted a triple-decker home in Cambridge into 3 condominiums. This made him among the earliest modern condo developers in the country.

Joe quickly fell in love with the Mt. Washington Valley. In the late 1970s, he was the first to build a hotel condominium in the state of New Hampshire and was integral to the drafting of the NH state condominium laws.

When the iconic Eastern Slope Inn of North Conway went up for sale in 1980, Joe saw an opportunity to restore a key piece of the White Mountains. The resort had been shuttered for years. Today the Inn and its many additions anchor the bustling tourist district that is North Conway Village.

The Berry Companies now provides full-time employment to over 100 people in the Mt. Washington Valley. Many of whom have worked for our company for decades. A hallmark of our organization is the stability provided to employees for over 40 years. We provide full-time year­ round work with exceptional benefits, and no seasonal layoffs or required reduction of work hours.

From the very beginning, Joe Berry has focused on the revitalization of the community and supporting organizations that were helping the community.

Today, this family-run business continues to build on this legacy while also looking for future growth. The company’s long-term success has been in part due to Joe’s ability to find great people from every level. If you’ve been looking for employment where you will be valued and appreciated, we encourage you to search for our open jobs.