The eagerly anticipated Norcross Place redevelopment project is set to bring fresh energy to North Conway Village, and today, the Berry Companies is pleased to announce the collaboration with Rotten Rock Construction as the general contractor and local architect, Michael Couture, guiding the design.

Norcross Place is an iconic landmark that is steeped in history. The building was once home to the world-famous Carroll Reed Ski Shop; a longtime destination for fine clothing and ski apparel. This location has consistently catered to locals and visitors, and redevelopment will create a vibrant space that caters to the diverse needs of the village through three local businesses.

The ground floor of Norcross Place, located at 2886 S. Main Street, is being pared into three distinct business locations for its soon-to-be residents: Cheese Louise, Sap House Meadery, and Saco River Brewing.

  • Cheese Louise will occupy the south side of the building, closest to The Met Cafe.
  • The middle and upper sections of the property, including a roof deck, will be home to Saco River Brewing.
  • Sap House Meadery has a rooftop deck and will occupy the north side, closest to the Gibson-Woodbury home.

Outside the three Main St entrances will contain patio seating, maximizing the outdoor aesthetic of picturesque North Conway Village. The roof decks will have spectacular views of the mountains.

Construction is well underway. “Our goal is to have the redevelopment of Norcross Place attract the next generation of residents and visitors to North Conway”, says Alec Tarberry, Berry Companies President.

Rotten Rock Construction of North Conway has been selected as the general contractor for the Norcross Place project because of its long-standing commitment to excellence and innovative approach to being a full-service general contractor. “We felt it was important to work with a fellow family-owned business with deep roots in the valley who shared our desire to create a place that will attract young people to the valley,” says Alec Tarberry.

Leading the architectural design is Michael Couture, a local architect renowned for creating innovative spaces. His work on the Norcross Place redevelopment is set to be another showcase of his talents. “Michael’s knowledge, design expertise, and hands-on approach have been amazing,” says Sheila Duane, Project Manager for the Berry Companies.

As is typical with historical properties, unexpected challenges arise so the Berry Companies is hesitant to share a projected opening date. “We’re doing our absolute best to get these businesses open as soon as possible, but it’s looking like early 2024,” says Alec Tarberry.

For further information and media inquiries about our Norcross Place redevelopment, please contact Sheila Duane at For more information about the Berry Companies, go to