Berry Companies Resorts’ Hospitality Staff Achieves Certification from the American Lodging Association Educational Institute 

Berry Companies Resorts is proud to announce that its dedicated hospitality staff at Attitash Mountain Village and the Eastern Slope Inn have completed a comprehensive 5-week training course and earned certification from the American Lodging Association Educational Institute (ALAEI). This significant achievement highlights the company’s commitment to delivering exceptional guest experiences and maintaining the highest standards of service in the hospitality industry.

Upon successful completion of the training course, Berry Companies Resorts’ staff received their official certification from the ALAEI, recognizing their expertise and dedication to the hospitality industry.

“We are incredibly proud of our staff’s accomplishment,” said Megan Scheid, VP of Hospitality of Berry Companies Resorts. “This certification is a testament to their hard work, commitment, and passion for providing exceptional guest experiences. We are confident that this training will enable our team to continue delivering outstanding service and maintain our position as a leader in the hospitality industry.”

Berry Companies Resorts remains dedicated to investing in its employees’ professional development and providing guests with unparalleled service. The company looks forward to continuing its partnership with the American Lodging Association Educational Institute to ensure its staff remains at the forefront of industry standards and trends.

For more information about Berry Companies Resorts and its commitment to excellence in hospitality, please visit or contact Paul Durfee, Marketing & Communications Manager.

About Berry Companies Resorts
Berry Companies Resorts is a leading hospitality company committed to providing exceptional guest experiences. With a diverse portfolio of properties across the Mt. Washington Valley, Berry Companies is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of service and professional development for our employees.